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Centara have a established experience of carrying out Coal Mining Risk Assessments, which are a prerequisite in coal mining regions. Formal requirements relating to planning applications  were introduced formally by the Coal Authority (CA) in July 2011.

The ‘Particular Coal Mining Development Areas’ and ‘Okay Areas’ have been characterised by the Coal Authority (CA). In light of CA records, the ‘Particular Coal Mining Development Areas’ the place dangers, for example, potential land flimsiness related with earlier coal mining exercises are probably going to be most noteworthy. The incorporate recorded mine entrances, regions of previous surface mining just as territories of known or suspected shallow coal mining among others. It is currently a legal necessity to talk with the CA for any arranging application in a High Risk Area.

Work area based evaluations finished by Centara start with looking at the mining report and may incorporate investigations of distributed geographical guides, land specialised journals and reports, any accessible mine relinquishment plans, and any accessible borehole logs.

A mining hazard evaluation would regularly be remembered for the more extensive geoenvironmental Desk Study (or Phase 1) report required by arranging applications for all advancements other than minor residential expansions.

We will instruct on a course concerning activity regarding a reasonable establishment arrangement, and will abstain from suggesting progressively meddling examination, for example, rotational boreholes at every possible opportunity.

At the point when it is important anyway Centara can embrace these examinations to see if the old mine works may cause a danger of unsteadiness at the surface.

In the event that you have a necessity for this or other mining hazard appraisal consultancy, it would be ideal if you reach us to talk about your undertaking.

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