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Stage 1 Site Investigation or work area study is typically attempted toward the beginning of the site examination process. This take into account data to be accumulated to help describe a site and to aid the improvement of the Phase 2 Intrusive examination.

The work area study helps with building up an image of a destinations natural setting, by investigating distributed data including: topography, mining, quarrying, hydrogeology, hydrology, site history, landfill, waste and Local Authority and Environment Agency administrative concerns. Also an itemised walkover overview is attempted to consider visual review of the site.

The walkover review or site surveillance will aid the improvement of a Conceptual Site Model (CSM) which assists with distinguishing expected wellsprings of defilement and pathways which may arrive at helpless receptors just as recognising potential poison linkages. The CSM is refined during the Phase 2 Intrusive examination where ends and suggestions are given.

  • A Phase 1 Site Investigation takes into account:
  • Fitting of venture assets
  • Primer geographical ground conditions
  • Recognisable proof of expected wellsprings of defilement
  • Early admonition of extra spending expenses or potential postponements

Phase 1 Site Investigation are prerequisite for CLR11 (Model Procedures for the Management of Contaminated Land), BS5930 and BS10175.

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