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Utility Records Collation Services – C2 and C3 Processes. In the UK ever year there will be in excess of 5 million excavations for a multitude of reasons. The risks from excavating can be high in terms of risks to employees and risks to utility asset strikes, make sure your employees are armed with the most up to date utility asset records, call Centara Ltd today.

What Do We Do?

Working for various organizations within the construction industries Centara Ltd will act as your agent in collating utility asset records, maps and plans. Working on your behalf we will canvas all known utility asset owners within an area of interest, this can be as many as forty (40) utility asset owners dependent on which part of the country your excavations will be taking place.

Why Do We Do It?

We do it because we have experienced resources who have an historic background in working within utilities and utility asset records, we know what an excavator needs to be armed with to comply with HSG47 regulations, obtaining asset records before you excavate is a minimum requirement.

Our Clients ask “Why Don’t We Do It Ourselves?”

Usually we find that engineers are sending out requests to utility companies for asset records when their time can be better spent doing core, higher revenue generating business, or alternatively, it becomes part of an admin persons duties. Requesting utility asset records is a very time consuming process that sometimes involves writing to as many as forty asset owners then waiting until the information starts to trickle back into the office. Employing Centara Utility Records Collation services you make one call or email and we take it from there. What you receive back is a complete asset records pack for the areas of interest within 10 – 20 days.

Our Clients ask “What Does It Cost Us?”
Premium Service from £99.00 + VAT and disbursements

We canvas ALL known utility asset owners within an area of interest, once canvassed, we start to receive asset records back into our office, these records are then collated into our Utility Records Packs and returned to our clients. Packs are based on 250m in length or 10000sqm in area.

Standard Service from £60.00 + VAT and disbursements

We canvas Gas, Electricity, Water and Sewerage, Pipelines and Telecoms asset owners within an area of Interest. We also offer our clients a Utility Composite CAD Drawing showing all utility assets on one multi-layered CAD drawing for ease of use on site.

“Many thanks Centara. The work package that you have done was excellent the engineer is very pleased”

Malcom, Siemens

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