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Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Services

We are experienced in a large range of geotechnical investigations ranging from small-scale residential developments to large commercial and industrial developments; these investigations are essential to assess the physical properties of the underlying soils and rock. We have experience in numerous geotechnical areas including road and railway work, pipelines, sewers, earthworks projects, slope stability, Tunnelling and treatment and assessment of shallow mine workings.

These services include:

  • Cable percussion drilling
  • Mini percussive drilling, window sampling and dynamic probing
  • Window sampling using hand held equipment
  • Concrete coring
  • Rotary drilling (coring and open-hole)
  • Trial pitting
  • In-situ testing
  • GPR Foundation Surveys
  • Hand excavation to locate building foundations.
  • Environmental Investigations

We also offer a wide variety of environmental services. Environmental assessments are often required by the Local Authority as part of obtaining planning permission. This process begins with a desk study where the site’s history is examined; many sites have had past industrial uses dating back to the 1850s or even earlier, and some of these uses may have contaminated the ground. The desk study also considers whether there are rivers or groundwater resources nearby that could be polluted by contamination in the ground. Using the desk study information, an environmental investigation can be planned to determine the extent of any potential contamination using techniques such as trial pitting or drilling. Samples are recovered from the exploratory holes and submitted for chemical testing at an MCERTS-accredited laboratory.

Monitoring wells are often installed during the investigation to allow groundwater samples to be recovered. Current guidance also requires the monitoring of gases such as methane on many sites. Using gas data from the monitoring wells, details of suitable protection measures can be designed (such as gas membranes in the floor) for new developments.

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