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Measured Building Surveys

Floor Plan Surveys

We can provide Floor plans or as built plans, CAD Drawings with varying levels of detail – from simple walls, columns, doors and window surveys, to a fully detailed data set including all 3D information (cill & head heights, stair riser and going details, door heights, ceiling heights, spot heights, beam details, service point and data point).

As part of our measured surveys, the surveyors can also record and highlight other information such as any electrical and data points, sanitary fittings, incoming mains positions, plant, firefighting and detection equipment, security equipment and signage, reflected ceiling plans and the like, or just about anything you might require. Centara carry out Building Floor Plan surveys to support a variety of applications.

Whether we take a traditional approach to the data capture or use the latest Laser Scanners you can be sure that high quality data can be provided as standard. External elevations and indoor room-scapes can be surveyed quickly and with minimum intrusion.

Building Elevation and Section Surveys

Surveys are undertaken remotely using either one or a combination of  3D laser scanning, Reflectorless Instruments, and Digital Photography as necessary. Depending on your requirements and budgets these can be:

  • Basic outline with only openings and eaves and ridges
  • Detailed with all window detailing and services as required

Sections can be produced through any point on a building and can show either the simple section detail or elevation information up to a distance away from the section line.

For a detailed quotation please email your specification for your building. The more information you can provide us with about the building in terms of layouts, pictures, access to survey, the quicker and more precise we can be in providing you with a quotation.

In addition to traditional MBS Surveys Centara also provide:  Property Management Surveys – Gross Internal Area (GIA), Gross External (GEA) and Net Internal Area (NIA)

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