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Specialist Geophysical Services using GPR

As well as utility mapping our specialist GPR can be utilised for other applications. Knowledge and mapping of the subsurface is conducted using a wide range of geophysical methods. The most reliable and cost-effective of these methods for high resolution mapping of shallow depths of a few tens of meters, is by far, Ground Penetrating Radar (or Ground Probing Radar).

GPR methods use electromagnetic waves to image the subsurface, by transmitting radar pulses into the ground and receiving a returned signal from interfaces below. Radar returns are gathered to an image, which can be analysed for its derived electrical properties and subsurface characteristics.

Common applications which Centara can provide include:

  • Concrete and rebar imaging and inspection
  • Sinkholes and void location
  • Tank (UST) and drum location
  • Geology (bedrock) and geologic hazards
  • Landfills and burial trenches
  • Unmarked cemetery and grave location
  • Archaeological studies
  • Compaction and void location on highways including utility reinstatements
  • Oil and Water leakage detection and location
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO)

The latest addition to the Centara Inventory. Utility Scan - Hyperstacking 350mhz @GSSI_GPR

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