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3D Laser Scanning Point Cloud Surveys

Centara can deliver 3D Laser Surveys utilising the latest in 3D Laser Scanning and Survey equipment (Leica, Trimble and Faro). We have the ability to undertake a range of projects with differing applications through the design, build and asset management life cycle.

3D Laser Scan data can be delivered to our clients as Point Cloud Data and can be converted to produce an accurate 2D and 3D CAD models, ready for use with most leading 3D CAD design packages such as AutoCAD, Microstation and Solidworks.

Laser Scans are captured from numerous locations, total numbers ranging from several to several thousands and dependant on the size and scope of the survey.

The scans are referenced using X, Y and Z coordinates, and tied to a visible target or reference point within each scan. These references can also be tied into previously recorded references using GPS and Total Stations to tie into OS or arbitrary Grid Datum or indeed an existing topographical surveys.

Various outputs from the 3D laser survey include but are not limited to:

  • 3D Point Cloud Model
  • 3D CAD Drawings
  • 3D Fly Through
  • Full integration with BIM (Building Information Modelling)
  • 2D Cross Sections and Elevations
  • 2D/3D Floor Plans and Fully connected 3D Measured Building surveys
  • Mechanical and Electrical Switchgear and Plant Room Models
  • Substation Models including GIS internals

Any project which requires accurate as built information at either; design, asset management, asset condition assessment and post build as-constructed drawings will benefit from the use of 3D Laser Scanning data can be collected quickly efficiently and site time is significantly reduced from traditional survey methods.

As such your industry can benefit from using our 3D Laser Scanning solutions as a way to keep costs down and make cost-time savings.

3D Laser Scanning measurement solutions are of benefit to a huge range of clients working in the following sectors:

  • Utilities Industry
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mechanical and Electrical (M&E)
  • Process Plant Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Marine
  • Nuclear
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing

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