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Vacuum Excavation

Centara can provide vacuum excavation solutions in conjunction with our underground utility mapping services or as a standalone service providing a cost effective safe intrusive method for excavating around buried services to complete new asset installations or as a way of proving surveys and the positions of buried services.

It is particularly useful to Verify services which are in congested areas, confirm service locations in critical construction areas, verify cover levels of the services in the ground and create slit trenching. Vacuum Excavation can also be used Verify services which are undetectable due to ground conditions or when either a GPR or EM trace is unsuccessful or partially incomplete.

Our Vacuum Excavation services are supported by detailed topographically accurate, graphics, digital photos and fully dimensioned cross section CAD drawings to support and evidence our findings.

We have introduced this service to our clients in the last 18 months and it has been readily accepted as providing a unique proposition. Vacuum excavation is widely used in North America, and it enables us to locate utilities with 100% accuracy in a safe and efficient manner. We describe the ServacII plant to our clients as being like a “giant Dyson” which uses a combination of compressed air to break up the soil, a minimal amount of water spray and a high power vacuum, we are able to excavate down over 2 metres in order to verify exactly the position of utilities.

On parts of your site where 100% accuracy is critical this process will be invaluable to you.

All projects are implemented to ISO 9001 standards and relevant operatives trained in equipment operation, survey techniques, traffic management, health and safety, first aid, NRSWA Traffic Management, Railtrack Personal Track Safety, National Grid Competent Persons and Thames Water Skills Passport.

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