C2 – Utility Searches, Stat Packs & Desk Studies

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Every year in the UK, more than one million excavations take place. The risks to employees carrying out work can be high. Moreover, delays and interruptions stemming from excavations can impact utility companies’ service, thereby potentially hampering projects and damaging brand loyalty and industry reputation.

The Health and Safety Executive has published a document (HSG47) about safe digging. The report states that it is compulsory to obtain plans regarding all underground services. Additionally, owners and operators must be consulted. Therefore, employees and subcontractors must have access to the most up-to-date utility records. Centara provides a market-leading utility asset records search service to obtain this information, known as C2s, stat packs or safe-dig packs.

How we help

Centara will act as your consultant and has the awareness to understand which statutory components will be affected by your work. On your behalf, our dedicated team will canvass asset owners in an area of interest (AOI), which may be as many as 50 utility asset owners, depending on the location.

Breakdown of costs


  • Premium search: From £112* + VAT. We canvass all known utility asset owners in an AOI.
  • Standard search: From £72* + VAT. We canvass gas, electricity, water and sewerage, pipelines and BT in an AOI.
  • Single service utility search: From £25* + VAT. We canvass a single utility to your specifications, e.g., gas, electricity, water and sewerage, pipelines or BT in an AOI.
  • CAD fusion plan: PAS 128 QL-D desktop survey from £150 (excluding search fee). We will generate composite CAD drawings that display all utility assets in one multi-layered CAD drawing.
  • Disbursements: We provide a detailed breakdown of any additional fees in advance. These could be the charges levied by the asset owners or Ordnance Survey for providing the maps. These fees will be referred to as disbursements on your quote. We do not charge any markup on these costs. They would be the same irrespective of how you obtained the information.

Unlike other utility search companies, everything is included in our quoted prices. You will receive a completion pack detailing the search area and explaining your results, a list of whom we contacted and whether their assets are in your area of interest and individual PDF files of your desktop utility survey to the agreed level (premium or standard) will be provided, copies of asset owner legends and notations explaining the maps provided and a composite hard copy CAD drawing in DWG and PDF format (CAD fusion plan level only), referenced to Ordnance Survey mapping.

Additional desk-based studies and search services

  • Geoenvironmental studies Phase 1 – ground investigation desk-based studies
  • Coal mining risk assessments
  • Unexploded ordnance studies and risk assessments (UXO)
  • Utility studies – C3 estimates for diversion and disconnection
  • Utility – new connection studies
  • Electric vehicle charging point installation – connection studies and asset records management
  • Utility route studies – CAD drawings
  • Asset management – hosting, updating and providing statutory undertaker records
  • Legal drawings – Wayleaves, Easements, Landowner Option Plans etc..

Other services

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