CCTV Drainage
and As-Built Surveys

Underground CCTV drainage surveys

CCTV survey technology is the best and most cost-effective way to inspect drains and sewers. Rectifying or avoiding future drainage problems is best achieved via a CCTV drain or sewer survey. We conduct fast and accurate analyses to understand the condition of your underground drains. Centara uses camera systems and software to conduct CCTV drainage inspections. Our drain inspection system relays images and/or video to a mobile unit in which a technician can assess the structural condition and integrity of the drain or sewer. Using this non-invasive method ensures minimal disruption to properties and the environment.


Our teams undertake drainage surveys using a radiosonde to track route and depth accurately. We record the invert and/or run direction flow and pipe sizes and lateral connections. The drainage system is marked on the surface at ground level and recorded using topographical surveying techniques and GPS/total stations. We use the Pearpoint 550C remote crawler system and Minicam SOLO PRO CCTV system to produce bespoke photographic and video reports detailing both chamber and run details. We can survey pipes up to 1800 mm in diameter with these systems.

Utility as-laid and built surveys for GIS

Centara has developed niche solutions for asset data, from a simple hand-drawn sketch or ‘proforma’, marked up OS Mapping or GIS plot to detailed multi-layered CAD drawings in various formats. The survey data will be specific to your data capture specification for distribution network operators (DNO), independent distribution network operators (IDNO) or private networks. The information capture will provide the data required to produce the final as-installed document and to update asset data systems, such as GIS and CAD systems. Field data capture is not limited to topography or geographic or geometric data; asset information such as installation and maintenance details can be captured in various formats.

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