Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

How we use the latest technology to ensure project success

As well as utility mapping, our specialist GPR can be used for many other applications. Mapping the subsurface is conducted using a wide range of geophysical methods. The most reliable and cost-effective method for high-resolution mapping of shallow depths is ground penetrating (or probing) radar.

GPR works by sending pulses of electromagnetic energy into the ground. Some of this energy is reflected when the wave meets an interface of two different materials and some travels onward to the next interface and so on, until the wave is attenuated by the material. The strength of the reflection is dependent on the electrical contrast between the two materials.

The GPR consists of two main components: the antenna, which sends and receives the radar pulses, and the control unit, which processes the signal and enables the user to set up various parameters to interpret the reflections. Radar scans are transmitted and received at regular intervals: as the antenna is moved across the ground, the scans are stacked together to make a radargram and the waveforms are assigned different colour palettes or greyscale to represent the reflection amplitudes.

Centara’s common applications

  • Concrete and rebar imaging inspection
  • Sinkholes and void location
  • Underground storage tank and drum location
  • Geology (bedrock) and geological hazards
  • Landfill sites and burial trenches
  • Unmarked cemetery and grave locations
  • Archaeological studies
  • Compaction and void location on highways, including utility reinstatements
  • Oil and water leakage detection and location
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO)

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