Topographical and Bathymetric Surveys

Precise representation of the natural and built environments

Centara’s capability, equipment and resources ensure a comprehensive and accurate topographical survey of your site to a high level to meet your specifications. We can capture topographical data to the Ordnance Survey grid and datum or your project grid system. Topographical survey CAD drawings provide our clients with a current and accurate plan of our work area. Quality topographical information is integral to all stages of the project life cycle: feasibility, planning, design, construction and handover.

Breaking different aspects

A topographical survey creates a detailed picture of the land that enables design accuracy. We can produce a study to record level information, buildings, road features, surface changes, contours, features, drainage systems and specified boundaries. The specifications can also be tailored on request, depending on your requirements. We convert these data to a digital CAD format in which layering standards will be applied. All surveys are carried out cognisant of RICS Measured Surveys of Land, Buildings and Utilities, 3rd Edition.

We use data to create CAD drawings that provide electronic identification of the graphed information. Final drawings can be supplied in hard copy and the captured digital information can be provided in 2D/3D in file formats such as DWG, DXF, DWF, GENIO and PDF. As topographic maps represent the three-dimensional features (or relief) of overland terrain, bathymetric maps illustrate the land that lies underwater. Variations in lake, river or canal bed relief may be depicted by colour and contour lines (depth contours or isobaths). Centara’s in-house surveying team conducts these surveys using the HyDrone-RCV radio control sonar system and terrestrial survey instruments.

Aligned to its geomatics and topographical expertise, Centara has the in-house capability of carrying out bathymetric investigations using the HyDrone-RCV, a remote-controlled sonar system that can accurately record sub-aquatic level information for land watercourses such as canals, lakes, rivers (non-tidal) and reservoirs.

The HyDrone-RCV is a hand-portable, remotely controlled catamaran platform developed for bathymetric survey applications and can be paired to robotic total stations and GPS rovers to record data to a high level of accuracy mindful of the bands set out by RICS.

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